Our Aurora appeals lawyers focus entirely on appealing cases. We often represent both appellants and appellees in every court in Colorado, including the Supreme Court. Contact our best appellate attorney today at (303) 630-9863 . We also handle federal appeals in Colorado Springs.

The Aurora appeals lawyers at Brownstone Law will draw upon their combined experience and skills to appeal your civil or criminal case. We invite you to read more about the specific areas of appeal in Colorado including criminal appeals, administrative appeals, family law appeals, and Supreme Court appeals. (888) 233-8895.

Confidence on Federal Appeal in Aurora

Experience counts when appealing any type of trial court case. The skill required for an appeal is unique, and our lawyers at Brownstone are fully dedicated to Colorado federal appeals in criminal and civil cases. Clients rely on us to appeal cases in Aurora, Colorado and in every county in Colorado. We are competitive by nature and our experience in the Colorado Supreme Court and in every Colorado court of appeal means the difference between successful legal representation.

Brownstone is called upon to address complex issues concerning our clients in a variety of subject areas including federal appeals, federal criminal appeals, federal civil appeals, habeas corpus petitions, 2255 motions, 2254 motions, 2241 motions, writs, and motions to reduce a sentence filed in federal criminal appeals. Our Aurora appeals lawyers are licensed to file appeals in all 11 circuits.

Brownstone Law Firm has a thriving appellate practice in Colorado. We represent clients before every Colorado court of appeals, including the Colorado Supreme Court. Our appellate lawyers in Colorado leverage their experience with a substantive knowledge of the law to create the best possible arguments in the following areas of appellate practice: civil appeals, business appeals, commercial appeals, business tort appeals, criminal appeals, drug appeals, post-conviction relief appeals, complex federal civil appeals, multi-state litigation appeals, and family law appeals.(888) 233-8895